From start to finish, we are your number one choice for repairing your Northstar head gasket issues. We are an authorized repair facility for the common head gasket issue.  Located in Palatine, IL, we are centrally positioned near major Chicagoland highways to service demanding clients in the Midwest.


For over 100 years, Cadillac has been recognized as the “Standard of the World”… the Northstar engine is no exception.  The Northstar is an engineering “meisterstuck”.  With import manufacturers struggling to produce the coveted 30mpg mark, the Cadillac V8 Northstar offers just that, plus vast amounts of horsepower and torque.  Couple that with supreme luxury, style and class, and you have a frontrunner.  Of course, in our world, things are not always perfect.  And such is the case with the Northstar; but what appears at first to be a dilemma, is in fact a curable situation.

The Northstar motor has been commonly plagued with head gasket issues since its conception. Throughout the industry, there has not yet been a direct determination as to what the cause is. Speculation has it that potential causes are: 1) the Dexcool Coolant creates an erosion effect to the graphite head gaskets, 2) and/or fatigued aluminum engine block threads (head bolt holes), 3) and/or an over-excessive carbon build-up on the top of the pistons and the cylinder head that creates a hammering effect which literally pounds the head bolts out of their threads. Regardless of the underlying cause, the problem you are experiencing now is that your fine American Luxury Car (Cadillac) is overheating, or at the very least losing coolant.  Click on the FAQ's above to see if your Northstar may be in need of head the gasket repair.

Many repair facilities will not attempt repairing the Northstar head gasket issue. In fact, they will suggest installing a new used engine. However, that leaves you in the exact position you are in now; the new used engine will eventually have similar issues as to what you are currently experiencing. The GM dealer charges $4,500-$5,500 for installing "time-serts", but reportedly without a warranty.  We offer a 12 month/unlimited mile warranty. There are very few repair facilities that are qualifed to perform the correct head gasket repairs on the Northstar engine. Some repair facilities indicate that they will perform the needed head gasket repair by leaving the engine in the car. This, in my opinion, is not the best solution because when the repair is done with the engine in the car, there is no possible way to address any of the commonly associated oil leaks, i.e. oil pan gasket, or the lower case seal.  The head gasket repair/thread hole repair is very labor intensive, and it would not make sense to do all of that work and not address any potential oil leaks.

We can repair your beautiful Cadillac directly at our repair facility, or if you choose, you can remove the engine, and deliver the engine to us for the necessary head gasket repairs.


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